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Wonderful setting, tracks steadily evolving... La Clusaz is becoming a key MTB area...


This summer, head to la clusaz to give yourself over to the joys of mountain biking with friends or family!
Come and enjoy an exceptional area, with large preserved spaces and constructed paths, for big and small,beginners or experts! 30 minutes from Annecy, the centre opens its natural mountain biking space to you, named «Le Domaine», situated at the heart of the mountain forests. More than 110km of signposted paths are available to you, including 18 trails of varying levels, from the discovery path to the enduro route, and a Bike Park. All of it is served by 3 MTB lifts, open from 24th June to 3rd September 2017.


Key figures

• 18 mountain biking trails
• 4 types of trail: : Enduro, XC, DH, All Mountain
• 3 MTB lifts
• 1 bikepark (new!)
• 112 km mountain biking trails
• 18 €: one day adult price

You can also download the GPS files: track lists.

Le Domaine has a partnership with Utagawa VTT, where you can also find the GPS tracks.
UtagawaVTT : des milliers de sentiers et randos pour le VTT avec trace GPS.


What's new

The Bike Park is made up of three levels of trails (green, blue, red) interspersed with wooden ramps. This fun area has been created both for beginners who want to have fun while improving, and for experienced mountain bikers looking for trails where the thrill of biking, balance and commitment are brought to the forefront.
> Thanks to its central location on the Mini-Loup («Family Run» in winter), all mountain bikers can reach it. The Bike Park is the new playground of the Domaine and will continue to develop during the coming seasons, in order to offer a rich and novel experience to riders.

The Bike Patrol is in the process of constructing «La Trace du Bélier», a red level enduro trail which was created in 2016 at the instigation of the La Clusaz rider..
> Its particularity: it is Kilian Bron and various volunteers who are participating in its creation and helping out on the ground. An unwavering motivation which is testimony to their passion. Well done and thank you to them!

The «Descente du Loup» trail has been modified in order to increase the choice of paths. At the Wall Ride, you have the choice between two new sections:
• A very enjoyable red slope which descends to the Voret trail,
• And another section which allows you to directly access the brand new Bike Park.

The Dahu trail, which departs from the summit from the Crêt du Loup chairlift, is constructed to allow beginners to access the upper part of the Domaine and then the Bike Park. Finally, the Bois de la motte trail allows you to reach the La Clusaz centre in a fun way.

2017 > All departures for the «Crêt du Merle» and the «Crêt du Loup» this year will be from Bossonnet due to the construction of the new Merle cable car.

Disturbances may occur on Crêt du Merle, Crêt du Loup, Bois de la Motte, Combe du Voret areas. For the safety of the users, the Bike Patrol may close some tracks from time to time.

Bike Patrol VTT été 2017 La Clusaz
Bike Patrol summer 2017

MTB cleaning

2 free cleaning areas:
• Beauregard cablecar
• Bossonnet telemix lift
The areas are provided with repair kits.


2017 rates

from 15 yo
from 5 to 14 yo
Full day pass 18,00 € 13,00 €
Afternoon pass (after 1 pm) 14,50 € 8,50 €
Season pass 165,00 € 85,00 €
Personal pass, compulsory photo (except for day pass).



Open every day from 24th June to 3rd September.
• Beauregard Cable Car - open every day from 24/06 to 3/09, from 9.30am to 5.30pm
• Bossonnet Telemix lift - open every day from 24/06 to 3/09, from 9.30am to 5.30pm
• Loup Chairlift - open every day from 24/06 to 3/09, from 9.30am to 5.30pm
☞ The Patinoire Cable Car is not open to MTB.


Electric MTB

La Clusaz encourages the evolution of battery aided bicycles to make the mountains more and more accessible to everyone.

Mountain biking, for a long time considered exclusively for confirmed sports enthusiasts is now opening up thanks to this new technology.

Families can now enjoy a new way of discovering the mountains and the e-mountain bike is ideal for couples, as it reduces any difference in stamina!

Rent your classic or electric bike in our shops!
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