Publication date 11 October 2021,

Last winter you went beyond your limits to climb the summits.  This winter we’ll help you go further…

Warning, before reading this message, we are not responsible for any effects this information may have on you.  Your heart rate may accelerate, you may feel yourself becoming strangely excited, or you may just want to head to La Clusaz to ski this winter.
If the side effects are too intense, we advise you immediately contact tourist professionals in La Clusaz.  To ease access, we have created the #jenpeuxplusjaichave (Icanttakeitanymoregottogoclusaz) hotline where you can post your most stunning memories from last winter in La Clusaz.  We hope this will help calm the excitement.


Winter Mode activated 

We don’t know about you, but since the snow has fallen over the peaks of the Aravis (check the photo), we have been itching to get out the « planks » and « plonk » ourselves on a chairlift and go riding on La Clusaz’s stunnning slopes.  Even just to chill in a chalet with friends around the fire, over a mouthwatering raclette as we watch the snow fall outside would do the trick.

What ever happens, we are sure that La Clusaz will be wide open this winter for fun in the snow.
So, to get you in the mood, here’s a refresher programme to get you in shape, got to get ready…winter is coming 
·       Get last winter’s photos and videos out and publish them on #jenpeuxplusjaichave
·       Get into training with 4 sets of  « 30-second squats ».  There’s no easy way out, the stronger your thigh muscles, the more you can improve on last year’s performance.
·       Check your equipment and air your ski or snowboarding boots, they’ll thank you for it. If you need to renew your equipment, here are some good places to find new equipment.
·       Take your equipment to be repaired or prepared by the professional ski technicians in La Clusaz. Well-waxed skis go much faster.
·       Drop your ski wear off at the La Clusaz’ Dry Cleaners to look your best on the slopes.
·       Buy your LCZ PASS ! To get your skins on, go for the "black-card of La Clusaz".
·       Get your fill of Reblochon, it’s all about eating locally produced food made in La Clusaz and quite simply because it’s yum.
·       Buy your tickets for the "LCZ Fresski film" to get some ride inspiration for the winter.
·       And for the purists, order stylish headgear and footwear online from la boutique LCZ, with the LCZ hats or LCZ socks.

This should keep you busy and get you in shape, winter will be here before you know it and it’s going to be La Clusaztastic.


As they say from home "A'rvi Pâ"*





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