Ben Buratti, I believe I can fly

Publication date 16 October 2020,


Lockdown was hard on everyone. What was lockdown like for you?

Yes, it’s true! The Lockdown was a very strange time. The season stopped short at the best moment. I was really disappointed to stop so suddenly. I had so many things going on with competitions and videos. But I was lucky to spend this singular period with my girlfriend and spend lots of good time together. Honestly, it meant I could take some time out, to rest and think about my career as a professional freestyler.

Just after lockdown you worked 10 days non-stop on the Balme massif which was still covered in snow. What project were you working on?

When I was stuck at home for a month, I had a lot of time to think about the health crisis that was affecting the entire world and how it had affected me as an inhabitant of the mountains and as a skier. I wanted to pass on a message and share something about all this, so with Sandy Collet we decided to make a film that would express my post-lockdown solitude. We worked extremely hard with an amazing team: producer, camera operator and shaper etc. The atmosphere was fantastic on the shoot and I think the film will be too! (laughs). You can catch it at the festivals in autumn 2020.

What are your plans for next winter?

As for next winter, I’m still on the circuit for the freestyle World Cup and my main objective is to obtain a wild card for the next “Winter X-Games”. My long-term goal is of course the 2022 Winter Olympics! I’ll also be working on my video projects. We’re working on an original concept for April 2021 with the same team as this year, they are so enthusiastic! And I’ll still be producing content and maintaining the connection with my community on social networks. I think that you can say I won’t get bored.

Why do you like skiing in La Clusaz?

I love riding here, because there really is everything here! You can go “Back country” skiing in the morning on the Balme and Etale and then train on the variety of modules in the Snow park in the afternoon. It’s an unbelievably varied and fun terrain! When I ski in La Clusaz, I’m never by myself, my friends are always around to film or just hang out in the mountains all together.

  Best spots in La Clusaz :

  • To ride: Balme Massif
  • To eat: La Scierie
  • To have a drink: La Scierie as well !

After a 2 months lockdown, Ben Buratti, a young French skier, needed to know what he was capable of. That's why he chose his favourite ski resort where he grew up: La Clusaz. What skier doesn't dream of being alone in his mountains? Happiness brings a lot of emotion, but also raises a lot of questions.

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