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Publication date 19 February 2019,
La Clusaz is an ideal destination to discover the freedom of ski touring. You can enjoy a descent in the fresh snow of the Aravis range, in less than a 20-minute walk. As well as offering an extensive range of possibilities for off-piste skiing, La Clusaz also offers a secure form of ski touring with indicated itineraries.


In response to the increasing demand for ski touring, La Clusaz now offers 2 indicated itineraries where you can safely discover the joys of ski touring and explore the wilderness on Beauregard or l’Etale.

1. The Beauregard Track

From the Hameau des Alpes museum, the track rises over 600m and is ideal for beginners. It climbs through the forest towards the Beauregard plateau from where you will discover a superb 360° view over the Aravis as well as the Mont Blanc.

2. The Etale Track 

The Etale track leaves from the Joux car parking area and is more of a challenge, with a climb of 30° during the ascent. The arrival at the Etale Belvédère is well worth the climb, for an uninterrupted vista over the Col des Aravis and the Mont Blanc.

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For the second year running, the Community Touring Club are working together with La Clusaz to give you the chance to discover ski touring absolutely free! 3 dates are organised for different levels: 2 for beginners and one for the more advanced. A great opportunity, you can discover the domain and the sport, with an ESF (French Ski School) instructor from La Clusaz, while testing SCOTT equipment.

* Fridays 18/01 and 22/02: Beginner sessions

Open to beginners.
Objective: Discover ski touring techniques, learn basic security rules and follow an itinerary with an outstanding view over the Aravis.

* Saturday 06/04: Ski mountaineering

Only for more experienced skiers who can ski in all conditions, all types of snow, but not necessarily extreme conditions. Spend a half-day with an instructor to discover some of the best ski mountaineering itineraries in La Clusaz!

Sessions with the CTC


What’s the Community Touring Club ?
It’s a community dedicated to developing access to ski touring. Where to go ? With who ? How ? How to choose your skis, boots and skins ? What about security ? Their aim is to bring everyone involved together in order to facilitate and encourage ski touring.


Come to La Clusaz on 9th and 10th March for the SCOTT Powder Day! The event is organised as an introduction to ski touring, with qualified guides and instructors, in the company of some of SCOTT’s best athletes: Hélias Millerioux, Pierre Hourtiq and Charles Dubouloz.

Open to all skiers able to ski on all types of terrain.

* Freeriding session

This type of session puts the emphasis on the descent, and uses the ski lifts for a taste of off-piste skiing and appreciation of wide-open spaces. The instructors will divide skiers into groups based on ability so that each and every one can advance at their own speed.

* Ski touring session

The ski touring sessions, using lightweight equipment, are organised on itineraries specially adapted to ski touring to fully appreciate exhilarating descents in powder snow. Discover this new way of exploring the mountains!


SCOTT Powerdays