Dominique Thovex, Follow the guide

Publication date 3 June 2021,
Born and breed in La Clusaz and passionate about his valley and all the stories it has to tell, Dominique Thovex is known as Mr Heritage in La Clusaz.  He takes you to his favourite places, around the 4 corners of the mountains, to reveal the history of this charming valley, give you a taste of local delicacies and show the village from outstanding viewpoints.  Let him show the way, he knows the valley like the back of his hand!

To start the day well, there is nothing better than a beautiful view over the valley.  I would take you to the Christ Roi which is an ideal, easy hike for a stunning view over La Clusaz, the Aravis range and the Beauregard massif.  It is not complicated at all; you just need is to take the Tour du Village path!
The path goes up towards the Aqua park and then climbs up to the ecological path, where you will find information boards about the local flora.  A few steps more and you are almost there, as you emerge from the shade of the trees the track leads to scree with a wooden sculpture at its centre, the “Oratoire du Christ Roi” representing Christ with a royal crown rather than the traditional crown of thorns.  

In the early hours of the morning, the sun rises behind the Aravis range and as the rays of the sun pass over the peaks, the green alpine meadows appear lit up. From there, you can return from where you came or continue the hike along the surrounding tracks that take you back round to the village.

A refreshing stroll to the Hameau des Alpes and the former sawmill

If you look out for them, you will find that La Clusaz is full of stories.  It was a village long before becoming a ski resort and to get an idea of my village today, you need to take a glimpse of La Clusaz as it was in the past.  A good place to start is to take a walk along the Nom river.

From the village in the shade of the trees walk along the stream that takes you direct to the Hameau des Alpes and the former sawmill.  In a stunning, traditional house, you can enjoy a cultural and historical experience around Reblochon and Skiing.  It’s much more interesting than a boring museum(laughs) with tasting sessions, games and outdoor activities.  The visit lasts a couple of hours during which you can discover the rich cultural heritage of La Clusaz, discover all about the making of Reblochon Fermier, the evolution of skiing and visit the traditional lofts, communal oven and former sawmill.  Highly recommended!

Have a tasty snack at the Corbassières farm and walk back down via the Fériaz lake

For a lovely outing at altitude, take the Beauregard cable car from the village, it takes about 15 mins.  Once up top, you get an amazing 360° view over the massif and neighbouring valleys.  Once you have taken in as much of the view as you wish (some people stay for hours!) walk down towards La Clusaz along the path that follows the MTB track.

After passing the Piste Bleue hotel-restaurant on the left, the path leads down through meadows and the forest.  In the summer you often find blueberries to nibble on along the way, I won’t reveal my secret picking zones though (laughs)!

The Corbassières farm stands out on the track below, festooned with flowers and cow bells, a perfect place for an afternoon tea at the farm or a delicious meal made with cheese from the farm.

Once you have filled up on delicious local produce, follow the path down towards the Fériaz lake and take a break here to admire the view over the forest before heading back into the forest and to the village.  Once you arrive at the village, you’ll just want to head back up!

More experienced hikers can replace the cable car ascent with a hike up to the meadows on the plateau.

End the day at the Confins Lake and watch the sun set from the top of the Danay

The Confins plateau is a wonderful place in any season.   In summer it offers a haven of green, luxiuriant suroundings with its lake, majestic décor, the herds of cows in their summer meadows and activities and hikes accessible to all.

It is particularly beautiful at the end of the day for a walk in the evening.  From the Confins Chapel, go past the golf car park and walk down the path that takes you to the edge of the lake, you may spot someone flying above you on the zip wire that stretches over the lake.  For me, the freshness and magical atmosphere of the evening makes this one of the most peaceful areas in the valley.

For an even better experience, the Tête du Danay is only an hour on foot, all you need to do is follow the path from the car park up to the top.  It starts on an alpine road, then becomes a path, the climb is constant, but it is regular, and the path is not difficult.  Once you get to the Danay cross, you will have a fantastic view and you can catch the last rays of the sun over the summits of the Aravis.  Don’t forget to take a torch to come down as the return will get progressively darker!

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