Don’t put off til Monday the exercise you can do today

Publication date 21 July 2022,

This article is destined for those of us who for the last five years have been repeating « I’ll start exercising on Monday » and for whom Monday never comes.  We have a solution to stop your friends teasing you about your lack of exercise and fool them into thinking you have finally got out there and broken sweat. All it takes is intelligent photo taking.
La Clusaz has many options to easily reach the top of the mountains and get the all important photo without the effort.

  • The minimum requirements to take part :
  • Know how to walk
  • Know how to ride a bike
  • Have a phone or camera (someone else can always take the photo once you’re up there)


 First of all, the most obvious thing to do is to wear sports clothes and sturdy shoes.  You know, the ones you bought 3 years ago when you had a rush of good intentions, you are sure to find them at the back of your cupboard somewhere.  If not, we can always help out !


1/ Create the illusion of a hardened trail runner :

This is super easy with 4 ski lifts open every day throughout the summer.
Head up on the Crêt du Merle chairlift, then join the Crêt du Loup chairlift.  You have already climbed 700m in just 15 minutes, even better than a professional trail runner !
 Once up top, enjoy the view and the photo opportunity, then share the photos with captions such as « no pain, no gain » !
Here are some hashtags used by professional trail runners you could use : #trailrunning #runaddict #training #race #happyrunner #laclusaz

2/ Try the rider look :

The electric bike is your best option.  If you don’t already have one, they are available for hire in the village.

You take your bike up in the Beauregard cable car.  Once up on the plateau, there is a breathtaking, 360°panoramic view over the Aravis, Mont Blanc, Etale, Charvin, Sulens, the Glières and Tournette.  Be creative and hide the battery on your bike for the photos and you can say that you cycled the whole way up.
You never know you may even enjoy it and if you want to find out more about MTB, click here for some advice.

3/ Create the illusion of an experienced hiker, you are almost a mountain guide !

Add some local knowledge of the fauna to complement your « sporting life », might as well pass yourself off as a local .
All you need to do is visit the Distillerie des Aravis.  First of all you will learn all about the health benefits of alpine plants, but you can also take some photos of some génépi leaves and tell the « story » of how you clung to the rocky outcrops  up high to gather them.


6/ Don’t forget sports recovery

All sports people know how important sports recovery sessions are, and the best place for this is the Aravis aqua park with its stunning view over the summits (that you have just climbed).  Enjoy a few strokes to relax your muscles after the strenous effort of your new sporting life.

PS : La Clusaz declines all responsability for the non-conformity of the captions that may accompany your photos.