Ski touring: conquer the mountains

Publication date 13 January 2020,
La Clusaz is a staple for those who want to practice ski touring and freerando. In the blink of an eye, you will see that the place is made for it ! After a short hike along the ski area, lets escape off-piste accross the untouched snow of the Aravis range. And if you are a beginner who want to try it, special marked routes from the village will allow you to discover ski touring safely and easily.


Yes, there is a huge difference between those two sports. If you are not familiar with the terms, this might help you a bit :

- FREERANDO : it means taking a ski lift and continue on foot to reach an off-piste spot. Breifly, it is freeride away from the ski slopes!
- SKI TOURING : zero lift, just ski up and down. Close to mountaineering, it means climbing to the top with skins under your skis and, on the descent, freeriding to make your own line.

Now that you know some vocabulary, you are almost ready to go riding. Don't forget that it could be dangerous off-piste, safety first.Beyond the required equipment (shovel, probe and avalanche victim detector), it is possible to have a professional to accompany you. Ski schools instructor and guides are here for you.


More and more mountain lovers are attracted by ski touring. In order to meet this need, two marked routes await you here at La Clusaz on Beauregard en l’Etale ski areas. Freely accessible, nice spots and wild areas are just waiting to be explored. This is perfect for a firt ski touring session, a nice hike or simply training to stay in good shape. 

1. The Beauregard Track

From the Hameau des Alpes, this track climbs 600 meters through the trees and is perfect to start ski touring. The ascent is soft and easy with technical skill needed. You will be amazed by the view over the valley and the mountains while climbing to Beaureagard. We are pretty sure you will love this ‘new’ way of riding and the sense of oneness with nature. 

2. The Etale Track 

For experienced riders, the Etale Track and its 30° section is a great way to train while enjoying the view over the Aravis pass and the Mont Blanc. This 700 meters ascent climbs a lot and is a nice challenge close to the ski area. 
It starts at Les Joux at 1300 meters high and goes to an aid station at the top of the slopes at 2000 meters altitude. Less wild than the Beauregard track, you will need to master kick turns shile skinning on this one. Before going doing, do not forget to take a look at the amazing view from l’Etale’s Belvedere. It is worth the detour with an unforgettable view of Mont Blanc.

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During one week, La Clusaz spotlights ski touring. From January 20th to 25th, the resort organises several event in order to promote ski touring. It is a golden opportunity to try it and discover everything you need to know about its whole universe, with our sponsors : Scott and the Community Touring Club.   

Schedule of your week :

- Introduction to ski touring every morning for beginners from Monday to Friday.
- Meet the mountain guide Tony Lamiche for conference about safety while ski touring and hiking.
- Free avalanche training to learn a bit more about this amazing but dangerous snow phenomenon.
- Evening at the theater to watch fine freeride and ski touring movies produced by our local riders.
- TO TOP IT OFF : La Belle Montée, an easy and warm ski touring session by night for everybody. Equipment lending, a warm drink at the top and a ride down the slopes with a headlamp. What else do you need to have a fun night ?!.

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