Publication date 5 April 2022,

Join us…we’re feeling good !

The temperature is rising, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer !  The season isn’t over yet and guess what ? Now is the best time for parties.
Young Padowan, even if you don’t usually ski in April, here are some words of wisdom to get the most out of spring in La Clusaz.

On the slopes at opening time, you shall be

In spring, the slopes are at their best in the morning.  So, set your alarm and wake up early to get ready  for the first descent ; sharpen your edges, heat your iron and hot wax your bases, then off you go !

Snowboarding, you shall try   

Spring snow is great for trying out new snowsports, as it is softer, slower, absorbs shocks and helps you to turn more easily.  Try something new and swap your ski boots for snowboarding boots !  They are said to be much more comfortable, so no excuses, go for it !  You never know ; you may be a natural, and become the next champion !


On empty slopes, you shall ski

In spring, the skilifts wait for you, not the other way round !  Get away from the crowds on the underground or the traffic jams during the school holidays, this is the quietest time to ski.  Come and do some perfect turns on the deserted slopes and tell us what you think.

Your t-shirts, you shall wear

With pleasant temperatures and the spring sun, no need to cover up with your different layers.  You can leave your ski jacket behind, put on your best top and head off onto 125km of slopes.

The terraces, you shall test

Let it be said, this is high season for the ski bars.  Barbecues are the local sport  here from 1pm to 3 pm!  In La Clusaz, there is an abundance of sunny terraces where you can enjoy a good wine or delicious cocktail with tasty grilled food, great music and even fine local dining, you can’t go wrong.

Your tan, you will work on

While some people work on their summer body, we’re more concerned with our tan.  Much less effort required !  Time to show some skin after the long winter months and start the MTB season in style.

Sun cream, you will use

No more red faces…If you want to avoid panda eyes and the jokes on Monday morning back at work, don’t forget to protect your skin, it’s better to slowly develop your tan than peel like a snake changing its skin in a few days.

Your bikini, you will wear

Once your meal is digested, you can peel off some more layers and dive into the pool.  Answer the call of the aquapark, with its stunning view over the peaks and chill out on a deck chair or take a dip in the heated pool.  It is a perfect paradise tucked into the mountain, overlooking the village of La Clusaz and the surrounding mountains.  It has recently been equipped with an innovative heat pump that uses the exchange of energy between the air outside and inside which has reduced the carbon footprint by 4.

Discounted prices, you will benefit from

At the end of the season, prices are softer more gentle, like the snow.  Accommodation is cheaper and ski shops offer discounts on ski equipment.  Now is the time to invest !

Secret, your evening will be kept

The end of the season in La Clusaz is sacred for its parties.  Relaxation is the buzzword and there are lots of events.  You can party to your heart’s content. Just one rule…whatever goes on in La Clusaz, stays in La Clusaz !


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