Friends First

Publication date 10 January 2022,

"If you don't have any friends take a Genepi", before reading this post...

Because with what follows, I hope your crew, your gang, your friends are as sharp as Marcel Hirscher's edges.


Is traffic jams boring? Is it boring to queue at the ticket office? Is it boring to queue at the ski lifts? In short, do you understand, it's boring when there are too many people on the slopes? 
THEN !!!! I have two questions for you: 

Little 1: why do you want to come to La Clusaz?
Little 2: and moreover, bring your friends?
La Clusaz, it's like your girlfriend / your boyfriend... You can't share it (well almost).

So here are the 5 good reasons not to come with your mates to La Clusaz:

#1 If you don't like sunsets on the slopes...

We're sorry, but you might break out in hives. With the sunsets on the Aravis, the south-western sunsets can directly turn off the light. And "ponpon sur la Garonne", you'll be able to get some extra UV with "Il va Fernuy".


#2 If you don't know how to dance in ski pumps...

Then, to be honest, it has become a national sport. And we have the best skiboot dance team in the country: The ESF Reds. In addition to giving ski lessons, they can teach "après-ski" lessons with a torch run... Er, Torches, sorry.

#3 If you are a slipper...

Oh yes, in La Clusaz, if you are looking for your slippers, don't ask your dog, because even they have gone for a walk. And it must be said that with the plethora of activities to do between dog sledding, skijoring, paragliding, sledging, snowshoeing... You're going to get motion sickness.

#4 If your life is like a Swiss clock...

In La Clusaz, even time is able to stop, to eat a good fondue on the terrace on the slopes. And it also has that famous laziness which invites itself when you have to go back to skiing with a full belly.


#5 If you still don't have any mates...

Unfortunately, if you don't have any friends to come to our place, we advise you to find some. Because it would be much better to share all these beautiful moments with friends. <3

Well, with all that, if you don't manage to discourage yourself or your friends from coming to La Clusaz, there is nothing more we can do for you. But, you won't be able to say that we didn't warn you, if you don't want to go back.

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