Publication date 15 July 2021,
Are you one of those people who would love to emulate one of the many famous chefs with stunning and mouth-watering dishes and yet they never quite look or taste the same as in the photo ?  No matter what you do, something just doesn’t work.
Sometimes it’s better to gracefully admit defeat and leave the utensils in the cupboards out of harms way!
This summer, discover some amazing local specialities for guaranteed  #foodporn

Reblochon is a big favourite in the Aravis !  Whether you like it firm, or slightly runny, there are so many ways to enjoy it ; either by itself on a slice of fresh, crusty bread, melted over potatoes or even hidden in a sweet recipe.  However, be warned, once you’ve tasted it, you’ll keep on coming back for more !


Top tips for Reblochon tasting :

  • Direct from the farm : Go to one of the many farms around the village, meet the farmers and leave with a Reblochon Fermier direct from their cheese chellar. 
  • In a restaurant : discover one of the many speciality dishes using Reblochon with the added bonus of no clearing up afterwards !
  • In a dessert : How about a meringue with Reblochon Fermier ? Discover a suprising sweet dish elaborated by the 2 mules Bistro: meringue with Reblochon Fermier

Known for their anti-oxidant qualities, blueberries are a staple ingredient in local gatronomy !  Berry-picking is well-worth the effort and juice-stained fingers for the delicious tea and cakes after.


Nos meilleures astuces pour les déguster :

  • In a tart : The blueberries tart, is THE classic way to enjoy blueberries.  You will find a variety of lovingly home-maid tarts in the patisseries around the village.
  • In a tavaillon : A tavaillon is traditionally a wooden roof tile but in the Sabaudia, they make them out of blueberries and puff pastry.  The blueberriy Tavaillon is a must-have experience for all foodies.
  • ​Afternoon tea at the farm : Stop off at the Corbassières farm for a mouth-watering afternoon tea, with homemaid jams made from bluberries or wild raspberries and Reblochon Fermier and homemaid fromage frais…a memorable taste-sensation

Tomme Blanche cannot really be considered as mozzarella, but it is eaten in a similar way : with a pinch of salt, a drizzle of olive oil and a grind of black pepper.  It is in fact a fresh, young cheese generally enjoyed with potatoes, cold meats and salad.  For purist it is also a Reblochon, as tomme blanche is in fact a Reblochon that has not been matured and is eaten only hours after fabrication.


How to enjoy tomme blanche :

  • With a wild garlic pesto and seasonal flowers.
  • With potato fritters and local hams for a delicious, 100% locally-sourced meal.
  • With jam and bread.

Everyone will agree that you don’t need to be a culinary expert to enjoy local liqueurs and after a meal in the mountain restaurants you will always be offered a taste of a local liqueur.  The distillerie des Aravis recently reopened with a wide range of delicious liqueurs made from local plants such as genepi, young spruce leaves and gentian.


How to enjoy local liqueurs by the Distiellerie des Aravis:

  • In a cocktail : The Génépito and the Sapinetto, a Mojito based cocktail where the rum is replaced by Génépi or Sapinette.
  • In desserts : A flambéed crêpe with génépi, or an ice cream with génépi, etc.
  • After a meal : Nothing better than a digestif after a delicious fondue or tartiflette !

    Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.
You now have everything you need to know for your tastebuds to enjoy your trip to La Clusaz as much as you !

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