How to party, instructions for use

Publication date 17 February 2022,

Football and rugby have their third half, we have après-ski! It's a discipline that everyone can do, but it requires a minimum of preparation. We've consulted our top coaches to help you get your party on this winter !

On the skis or in the bar, the important thing is to go down! With the lifting of certain health restrictions, concerts are back, discos are reopening and you can now drink STAND UP in bars. A subject that should be taken seriously, following the advice of specialists in the field. 

1. Locate the places

Before being a way of life, partying is above all an adventure. Going in search of an atmosphere is not something you can improvise when you know that the village has dozens of different bars and restaurants. A little scouting is necessary to prepare your itinerary at nightfall, to find your way from one establishment to another and to guide, like a good shepherd, a whole flock of friends through the snowy streets. 

2. Warming up on the slopes

Bars don't have a monopoly on partying. Because yes, you can also dance on the slopes, and we're not talking about a bad landing on a big air. This winter, with night skiing, it is the opportunity to have an après-ski while staying on skis. On Tuesday evenings until 9pm, on Saturdays and Sundays until 7pm, the Crêt du Merle chairlift is open and lit.
The riders can then work overtime and enjoy themselves in the mountain restaurants, while the others prepare the fiesta to come in the warmth of the valley. When the night falls, it's up to you to see what you have more robust: the thighs or the liver?

But... If night skiing replaces après-ski, does the aperitif become the après-ski ?

3. Target the right dates

Party-goers who already know the village will no doubt have skipped the first two points; and that's quite normal. It is now time to take action by targeting the best events of the season like a sniper. The inhabitants will not tell you otherwise: partying in La Clusaz is a sport!
To end the winter holidays in style, there are two dates left to swing on the slopes with La Diskette. The concept is simple, the DJs of La Pastille Verte set up their turntables on the ski area for an afternoon to give you an earful. After the Crêt du Merle at the beginning of the month, you have an appointment at the Crêt du Merle on February 23rd and on the slopes of Balme on March 2nd. 
If you're into costume parties, we've got just the thing for you! On 1 March, the whole village transforms itself for a unique carnival. It's an institution here! Shopkeepers, restaurant owners, ski instructors... Everyone puts on their best disguise and parades on floats, from the Bossonnet to the church square. After a beautiful firework display, the rest of the event takes place in the village bars until the end of the night. 
Cherries on the cake ! The Radiomeuh Circus Festival is back after a two-year absence to celebrate its 10th anniversary! The kind of event not to be missed under any circumstances. 

From 30 March to 3 April, music will be everywhere. On the slopes during the afternoon, with artists and musicians on the terraces of high altitude restaurants. On the church square under the grenette, with live performances open to all from 5pm. And, of course, endless musical evenings under the big top to dance like crazy at the foot of our beautiful mountains. Attention, the last tickets for the parties under the big top are almost sold out. There are still a few on sale at the tourist office, so don't delay.
In the meantime, we strongly advise you to get into the mood by listening to Radiomeuh, a local web radio station. Your little ears will thank us! 

4. Call up all your mates

Now you have all the cards in your hand, all you have to do is pack your bags and cast your best friends* to go on a new festive adventure. Admit it, you've earned it! 
Imagine: a pretty chalet, the slopes, access to the swimming pool, the skating rink and endless evenings around good food that smells of the mountains. After all, there's no excuse for a party, and this time you don't have to.
*If you don't have any friends, we don't have any instructions for that. But you will certainly be able to make some once you get there. ​

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