Kilian BRON and Michel LANNE : Duel at the summit

Publication date 20 July 2022,
Perhaps Michel can speak about Kilian's latest film best when he evokes the breathtaking sequence they shared: "Mountain biker versus Trailer: when an MTB expert in descents steers his wheel where I would hardly dare to set my trainers." An encounter with a crack duo of buddies, who live sport and the mountains heart and soul.

First of all, tell us about the film Outdoor Synchrony?
Kilian: I wanted to bring together lots of activities around cycling: basejumping, wingsuit flying, climbing, snowboarding... We wanted to spend time together at the end of the lockdown, and to share our love of the outdoor environment of the Alps.
Michel: The film is something quite unprecedented. Kilian is a real enthusiast who has an innovative and ultra-positive vision of sport. He takes mountain biking to a higher level.
Do you sometimes train together?
Kilian: We did a first MTB beginners' session in La Clusaz last autumn on the Les Encarnes and La Trace enduro tracks. Mitch already has a good level for a beginner.
Michel: I introduced Kiki to paragliding last year. We filled the sail on the slopes of Le Crêt du Merle and Le Crêt du Loup, with flights near the ground to start with, then we made a jump at the Col des Aravis. I hope to take him to L'Étale soon.

We wanted you to take part in a quick battle... Which one of you trains the most?
Michel: Kiki, no doubt about it! He's a real expert in his sport.  
Kilian: I'm not sure about that. You need to work on a regular basis to do trailing. Plus, Mitch is hyperactive and an all-rounder who does mountain climbing, skiing, paragliding and rock climbing.
Who is more competitive?
Kilian: We both need excitement and to set ourselves challenges to make progress. But it's more an attitude than a pure spirit of competition.
Michel: Exactly. We want to experience everything completely so that we have no regrets. 
Who is more perfectionist?
Kilian: I have trouble being satisfied. Sometimes I think it's unhealthy. I'm meticulous and demanding.
Michel: Can you give me some of that? Kilian always pays attention to details. Whereas I only look at the rough details!
Finally, could you set each other a challenge?
Kilian: To get close to my record on the Encarnes slope. Because he's incredibly talented, I would be interested to know what time he would do with a bit of practice.
Michel: A trail challenge that he would find tough… A round trip from La Clusaz church to Trou de la Mouche in under 3 hours. It's feasible, but you'll need to train, mate!
An internationally recognised enduro and freeride specialist, Kilian is La Clusaz's MTB ambassador.
Michel is considered as one of the world's best trailers. Among other achievements, he won the Mont Blanc marathon in 2013.