La Clusaz Yoga Festival, mountain zen!

Publication date 23 June 2020,

Breathe and relax : yoga is the ideal activity for the great outdoors, in the mountains and the wilderness of the Aravis. La Clusaz is the perfect place for a festival dedicated to yoga and from the 19th to the 21st July it is organising lessons and workshops for 3 days. Experience the full yoga experience in the heart of the mountains.


A connected festival… to nature!

Yoga in la Clusaz is not the indoor yoga we find in towns and cities, with packed classes and the same lessons where it is difficult to get away from the pressures of every day life. Yoga is intended to energise, and the mountains encompass the full benefits with its wide open spaces and changing lights to help you achieve a state of wellness and try yoga from a new perspective.

Here is a list of some of the many experiences to be had at the La Clusaz Yoga festival.
  • Strolling through the typical Savoyard village inbetween inspiring masterclasses
  • Enjoying the sunset over the mountains before joining the evening Opening Circle
  • Being tempted by a delicious, local speciality after a toning session of yoga-paddle
  • Meeting local craftsmen and women after a yoga at the farm session
  • Developing self-confidence and confidence in others with accro-yoga
  • Going home relaxed and rested, full of wonderful memories!

Water, earth, air : the 3 in 1 festival

Let yoga in the mountains fill you with wonder.  Every day without leaving La Clusaz, you will feel as if you have been on a journey of discovery. Enjoy the calm setting of the lakes for a restful read or a cooling dip. Take a walk along the mountain paths that leave from the village to discover wild flowers or take a trip on an MTB. Take to the heights to one of summits of the massifs that surround La Clusaz for a 360° view. There are so many opportunities to experience the unexpected during a yoga lesson or after.  Get back to the 3 elements, water, earth or the air and take these three days to really let go.

Élodie Lantelme - Co-organiser and founder of La Clusaz Yoga Festival

Could you sum up the objective of « La Clusaz Yoga Festival »?

First of all, it’s a great opportunity to delve into the world of Yoga and discover and/or develop its benefits. This can happen on many levels, starting of course, with the physical benefits and a positive exploration of the limits of our body but also on a mental and emotional level as Yoga an embodies an invitation to let go and release the stress, tensions and dissatisfaction that come from our everyday lives. 

With who?

Several well-known and respected yoga instructors from the whole world will be present as will wellness practitioners and yoga instructors from the Aravis.

Who is the festival aimed at?

Everyone, from beginners to experts ! But also, to anyone who wishing to find out about this activity, with short beginner sessions for free organised throughout the day.

What do we come for ?

We also come for yoga lessons in unexpected locations such as paddle yoga, yoga at the farm, yoga and MTB…the list goes on. They will be organised over the weekend in a warm and friendly atmosphere, there will also be creations by Yogi Market on display.

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