Mister « MEUH » aka Philippe Thevenet

Publication date 7 January 2021,


Phil, For the one person on earth who has never heard of Radio Meuh, can you share a few words about it….

Created in 2007, Radio Meuh exists thanks to a group of close friends with one idea in mind: to share good vibes, without any stress.  Since the day we started, the radio has continuously aired 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any publicity and with free access!  Thirteen years later, we have made our little niche and have become one of the most listened to independent digital radios in France!  In order to continue to offer juicy tunes to our listeners, I spend a lot of time out and about, rummaging and searching out new tracks, which is time-consuming but great fun!

Is that why you have created the new membership formula « AOP » ?

That’s right !  We’ve had to reconsider our economic approach, as up until now the radio has worked on a virtual voluntary system.  The easiest option would have been to add publicity, but that is something we have always been totally against, the idea of altering the listener’s experience with adverts is just out of the question.  To become an AOP (a play on words of the European AOP, the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)), a Protected Listener of Origin, means joining the Meuh family and supporting it.  Basically, members will have access to a multitude of functions, for example many of the tracks played on the Meuh can not necessarily be found elsewhere.  This inevitably leads to us having frequent mails from listeners such as “Hello, could you give me the name of the track played between 1pm and 3.30pm last Tuesday, it went Boom Chack, there was a banjo playing or something like that…I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks! Hugs!”.  We obviously can’t answer and there are so many!  So, we decided to give access to the track list, which is one of the advantages of membership.

The health crisis meant the Radio Meuh Circus Festival had to be cancelled in La Clusaz last winter.  How did the initial idea for this project come about ?

It’s another crazy thing !  The original idea was just to physically extend the radio and bring listeners and artists together once a year “as if they were at home”.  We didn’t have much, a tent, some pegs and a lot of elbow grease!  The “Mother Country” La Clusaz soon came on board and we were able to count on the help of our friends, local businesses and then other private sponsors.  Radio Meuh Circus Festival now has 16 shows, of which 210 are free, around 30 international artists and 4 days of concerts in the magnificent and unique setting of La Clusaz.

If you had to mention only one artist that has really marked the festival, who would it be?

Radio Meuh has a really close relationship with the « Yeah ! Festival » which is held in June in Lourmarin.  One of the organisers is no other than Laurent Garnier (who also has a monthly show on the radio).  He has played 3 times at the Circus and was programmed to close it last winter.  It’s always a huge pleasure to have him with us with all his team!  Laurent is like a kind uncle, in fact that’s what we call him!


Since it's hard to enjoy the fresh snow with a spatula on your feet, we figured you'd have more time to dance and listen to the good sound.  
We called the crazy DJ's from Radio Meuh to help us in this mission. And it's done!
They recorded two mythical sessions in atypical places of your favorite destination.

More information to come, STAY TUNED !

In the meantime, a small playlist specially designed by Radiomeuh, to listen without moderation ...


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Every day

Perched in the mountains and connected to its independent webradio, the Radio Meuh Circus Festival is above all an opportunity to discover quality artists.