Reblochon on the centre stage

Publication date 3 August 2020,
Discovering local culture and products is an integral part of a holiday and Reblochon cheese can be found at the heart of local gastronomy in the village.  The cheese is more than just a block with a green casein and you can find out all about it throughout the summer during events and visits dedicated to Reblochon!


Reblochon, traditional farmhouse product

Reblochon is protected by an EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and made by farmers in respect of traditional farmhouse production methods. They work hard every day throughout the year, dedicated to perpetuating the standards and quality of their cheese! You can taste Reblochon direct at the local farms and at the Hameau des Alpes where you can find out all about the cheese 100% made in the Aravis.

Some background on the Hameau des Alpes

« do you make roblochon? » Impress your children with all you have learned at the Hameau des Alpes. Find out all about the history of the village and its inhabitants and discover the richness of local culture, history and heritage in the various sectors: a fun circuit to learn about Reblochon Fermier, a museum dedicated to the history of Skiing, a communal oven, traditional lofts and a former sawmill. You will be able to astound your friends and family with all you know about “roblochon”!

Hameau des Alpes


The famous Reblochon and Crafts Festival

Unfortunately cancelled this year, the Reblochon and Crafts Festival is still one of the biggest events of every summer! The programme for the day includes a parade through the village with themed floats and herds of animals, the milking of the cows and goats, traditional folk dancing, the donkey derby, baking of bread in the traditional communal ovens, living scenes of traditional craftsmen and women, the descent on an artificial ski slope on planks of wood, and last but certainly not least the making of Reblochon in a gigantic copper cauldron. The Fête du Reblochon is an important event that marks the immense pride of the locals in their rich heritage and is a great day out for all the family and friends. Back in 2021!

The Reblochon festival


Stop off for a tasty snack at the farm

During the summer, many farmers open their doors to holiday makers to demonstrate life on an alpine farm in the summer. You can meet the herd of cows, observe milking sessions, Reblochon making and maturing, as well as enjoy delicious afternoon teas and lunches made with fresh, local products all with a breath-taking view over the Aravis mountain range!

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Learn about traditional alpine activities in 2 fun and cultural exhibitions! Skiing and Reblochon have the seat of honour in a magnificent traditional house where you will discover all about winter tourism and alpine farming.