Sensational dining

Publication date 6 August 2018,
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La Clusaz is full of different dining experiences, and all are great value for money.  Who needs a Michelin star, when you have a choice of 68 restaurants?  You can splash out on a semi-gastronomic meal or enjoy a tasty snack, every restaurant is sure to delight you with its delicious local products.  
The emphasis remains on producing and buying locally, with the main local products, charcuterie and cheeses high on the list.  La Clusaz is the home of Reblochon and an impressive 35,000 tartiflettes are sold here per year!  Reblochon doesn’t stop at tartiflette and you can find Reblochon in many different forms, how about Reblochon sushi?  There are many more Savoyard specialities to discover like home-made pormonier or succulent cuts of meat cooked over a wood fire or fresh salads made from alpine flowers.
La Clusaz is also recognised for its chocolate, renowned master chocolatier Jean-Dominique Gellé works Chez Morand and chocolatier-pâtissier Patrick Agnellet has developed mouth-watering cocoa and hazelnut delights known as Les Aravis®.  They are perfect accompanied with Liqueur des Aravis from the Distillerie des Aravis, producer of the famous Génépi du Père Mathieu in La Clusaz since 1878. Cheers!