Slow Life Alt'titude

Publication date 21 June 2022,

Try the Slow Life attitude  

The slow life attitude takes time and dedication, it’s not just about getting a Carpe Diem tattoo on your arm !
The best « slowlifeologists » are unanimous, La Clusaz is the ideal place to leave the day-to-day routine behind and spend a chilled out summer. It’s all about finding the balance that works for you and following the precepts. It’s up to you to apply them to your daily life at home and during your next stay here :

I. Get back to Natur

As a wise person once said, « Neurones are like houses, you need to air them every so often ! »  The Great Outdoors is calling you and you’ll find all you need in La Clusaz.  Climb aboard a chairlift or a cable car, or just follow one of the many paths to head up towards the summer pastures and the mountain tops.  Wellness begins outside, so get your boots on and off you go !


II. Take your time and do only one thing at a time

We prioritise quality over quantity.  To get the most out of the all the valley has to offer, just one activity per day is more than enough.  For a memorable trip, check the events programme before you arrive, then all you have to do is let it flow !

You could do a hike and a picnic, then a mountain-top concert the following day, and on the third day, a dip overlooking the peaks…no rush, just time for you.
Here’s some suggestions: 

III. Let it all go (*but not while rock climbing or on the via ferrata

​ There’s a reason you have come to the mountains ; this is a place of calm and tranquility where time stops and you can take a moment for yourself. It has never been easier to get away from it all, whether you choose a wellness break, or to get out of your comfort zone with an exhilarating trip.


Leave the humdrum of everyday life behind and join the one life movement with our pass experience.  You can use it on a host of summer activites, with unlimited access to ski lifts, the aqua park, the summer luge, the leisure clubs and zip wire, the ice rink and discounts on many more.  A must have for worry-free relaxation!  


IV. Cook some tasty dishe

There are farms all round valley, a traditional distillery and shops packed with delicious local products, everything you need to rustle up some tasty dishes in the kitchen.  Take the time, you deserve it !

If you are not a keen chef, there are a multitude of restaurants where you can sit back and let other people serve you !  If our cheeses are just too good, remember, a little bit of everything is the key !

V. Share i

Share your « slow life « with friends or family or maybe everyone together.  The best times are spent together, creating memories, eating together and playing together with no regard for the time.  We’re sure you’ll agree that holidays offer a good opportunity to start. As happiness is contagious, we are convinced that once you have a taste of the good life in La Clusaz, you will bring some of it back home with you…and you’ll keep coming back for more !