Publication date 15 June 2022,
Answer the questions to find out the best time to come !


N° 1 Sport is…
B :  best when it’s outdoors
C :  when you enjoy life, no need to do anything else !
A :  all about getting a sweat on, no pain, no gain
D :  less tiring when you watch it on TV

N° 2  I would join the…
A : August holiday team
B : July holiday team
C : Spring holiday team
D : Indian summer team

N° 3 To be free on not to be free ?
B : Between 5 and 40€
A : Between 20 and 45€
C and D :  Zero euros I prefer free activities

N° 4  What type of music do you listen to ?
C :  Electro
C and A :  The sounds of Nature
D : Ambient
B : Tibetan Gongs

N° 5  What is your favourite cheese ?
A : Tomme
B : Reblochon
C : Petit Agnellet
D : Chevrotin

N° 6  How do you prefer to eat ?
A : Nuts and seeds
B : Locally produced food from sustainable sources
C : I bring all my own food
D : Food is not important

N° 7 : What did you get for your last birthday ?
A : A Water bottle
B : A rug
C : A loudspeaker
D : Tickets for a football match

N° 8 : How do others describe you ?
A : Competitive
B : A Purist
C : Festive
D : Freestyler


N° 9 : Tell us what how you dress…
A : Shorts and t-shirt are the best
B : Leggings and bare feet are for me
C : A folk dancing costume, why not ?
D : Cap and Vans, because I’m cool

If you answered mostly As : The Bélier Trail from  19th June to 21 June is for you

The Belier trail is an institution in La Clusaz, it has been organised in the village for the last 36 years.  The event is growing fast with new events added, such as the Bélier Blanc on snow in January.  This year sees the launch of the first edition of the MTB Bélier.

If you answered mostly Bs : You are a yogi, you would love the Yoga Festival from 7th to 10th July

The resort slows to a zen pace with master classes, lessons and workshops are organised over 3 days. Caroline Favre, the co-organiser of the festival, as well as yoga instructors from all over the world, guide the participants for outdoor sessions, on paddle boards on the lake or indoors.  You can go at your own rhythm, deepen your knowledge or discover new disciplines. Visit the Yogi market to take home some zenitude, with products by the artisans at the Yogi market.


If you answered mostly Cs : Heritage and culture excite you more than sports ! Music, hiking and heritage…we’ve got it covered

La Balade au Clair de Lune, 2 July – As night falls, La Clusaz is filled with magical moments both in winter and in summer.  When night falls on the « stroll by the light of the moon » event, the stars in the night sky light up and a warm light falls over the village ! All the street lights in the resort are switched off and for one special summer evening, the village and its natural surroundings are plunged into a magical atmosphere, where the soft warm, natural light from the moon and the thousands of candles lead you round the village, guided by the sounds, smells and magical encounters with artists and magicians along the way.
La Fête du reblochon, from 14 August : The day is packed with entertainment throughout the day from the morning in traditional costume to the evening meal. There is a parade through the village with themed floats and herds of animals, the milking of cows and goats, traditional folk dancing, the donkey derby, baking of bread in the traditional communal ovens, living scenes of traditional craftsmen and women, the descent on an artificial ski slope on planks of wood, and last but certainly not least the making of Reblochon in a gigantic copper cauldron.
The Fête du reblochon is an important event that marks the immense pride the locals have of their rich heritage, and is a great day out for all the family and friends.
Le Champ des platines, 25 June - 20 July - 24 August - 17 September : Musical culture is alive and kicking in the mountains until September in La Clusaz!  Throughout the summer, Reblochon-scented Radio Meuh prepares a laid-back, pastoral-music outing with a view over the summits.  Each month a different location is chosen with care, where you can danse, snooze or enjoy refreshments to the sounds of the Radio Meuh DJs in the heart of Nature !  Each location is a secret until the week before the event and is easily accesible, within a 30 minute walk.

If you answered mostly Ds :  You are a bit like the sports teacher at high school, you wear jogging trousers every day but you don’t really do much sport !  Get your trainers on and come and watch the Freestyle stage event on the 24 and 25 September.

This summer, the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) is launching a new tour of freestyle sporting events in partnership with the Savoie Mont Blanc agency. Over 5000 spectators and 90 participants are expected for this last event of the season that showcases Skateboard, Scooter and BMX Freestyle Park competitions on the Champ Giguet.
  If you ticked all the boxes it means you’re ready to become a local and as we’re the welcoming sort, why not just come and live here in the village to not miss out on anything.  If you need a helping hand to find a job, click here.