The Avant-Premières of La Clusaz : Screening 2

Publication date 20 October 2020,
New week, new cinema "rendez-vous"!
Let's go for the second screening of les Avant-Premières of La Clusaz.





Rider: Lalo Rambaud
Film director: Nathan Saillet
Year of production: 2020
Duration: 16 minutes
Sponsors: LCZ, La Clusaz, Anth, Salomon, Mammut, Sérémo

Synopsis : In his quest to improve his skiing, young French freeskier Lalo Rambaud joins with friends for memorables sessions in Japan and home resort.
Childhood friend Nathan Saillet filmed and directed these moments of perseverance, friendship and true bliss.

8:20PM it keeps going...


Rider: Seb Michaud
Film director: Jeremy Pancras
Year of production: 2018
Duration: 12 minutes
Sponsors: LCZ, La Clusaz, Evolution 2

Synopsis: At 45 years old, Seb Michaud has left his mark on an entire generation of French skiers. "Mishtrouf", commonly known as "Mister Backflip", has tamed Verbier several times, has a world champion star on his ski jacket and a world vice-champion title in his pocket. Today, the La Clusaz local is passing on its knowledge and passion to young people: "I share my experience to help them make the right choices. I share my experience to help them make the right choices." In the player's area of the resort, about fifteen of them follow in his footsteps and follow his advice. In this documentary, spend two months with this group.

8:40PM - BONUS


Rider: Soul Flyers, Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet
Film Director: Victoria Weiss et Gauthier Bienfait
Year of production: 2020
Duration: 2 minutes
Sponsors: La Clusaz, LCZ

Synopsis: Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, better known as Soul Flyers, have a strange passion: like Icarus defying the Gods, they love to fly away from the top of the Cliffs. For the past few years, they have established their base camp in La Clusaz and explore the Mountains from a unique angle. A video full of dreams and adrenaline rush!

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Publication date 20 October 2020
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Publication date 20 October 2020
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