The good powse

Publication date 16 December 2021,

So this one, no specialist had predicted it...

Nearly 2 meters of snow fell on the Aravis mountainsides, chairlifts are running, and the great return of our "monchus" <3 !
These are the effects of the vaskination by La Clusaz.

The X factor

Specialists have reported that in 72 hours of precipitation, as much snow fell as there were doses of vaccine... Probably not by chance. The excitement caused by all this snow deregulated the brain climate of some people, who immediately rushed to get vaccinated.
And it must be said, they had a nose for it, not to stop taking cottons, but with the obligation to have a health pass to enjoy all this snow, they were going to be the first to fill their nostrils with white powder.
Here is a picture of the first patient at the Balme vaskination centre: Lalo Rambaud

Here are the side effects caused in Lalo Rambaud

3 days later, the effects have still not worn off

Opening of the Balme vaskination centre on December 4th 2021

To cope with the uncontrollable flow of people wanting to be vaccinated, La Clusaz has opened its first "vaskination" centre. The dose administered is somewhat different from the others. Indeed, a single dose is enough to be immunised. A miracle for medicine.

So, in order to advance medicine, we are going to unveil the formula of this antidote:
{CaCO3 + Micas + Silicates + Minerals + Sea Salt + Organic Aerosols + Bacteria} = NG (Nucleus Glacial)

Please note that some patients have experienced side effects such as laughter, dilated pupils and screaming. Some even went into a trance-like state.

Here is a picture of the queue to get vaskinated 



A Pasteur Prize for La Clusaz?


After 2 days of promising tests on the Balme centre, the resort decided to vaskinate en masse. To do so, the specialists of the domain have joined together to open 3 additional centres (l'Aiguille, Beauregard, and l'Étale). From 18 December, you can come and get vaskinated by appointment in the centre of your choice, and this, until the end of the stock.

We can discuss anything but numbers! Today, in La Clusaz, 10 skiers out of 10 have powder in their eyes...



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