The mountains through the lenses

Publication date 23 July 2020,
When its not possible to be in the mountains, we can still appreciate them and travel the valleys through the images of talented photographers. In La Clusaz we are big fans of Clément Hudry who shoots the ever-changing mountains throughout the year. If you are a regular visitor to our website, you are sure to have seen some of his shots!


Originally from the Aravis and recently graduated in journalism, Clément Hudry has specialised in photography and landscapes in particular to tell his stories. His in-depth knowledge of the mountains around La Clusaz makes for awe-inspiring posts on Instagram. Each of his stunning posts is an invitation to a voyage! 

What does being an Instagramer mean?
Clément Hudry: An Instagramer, in my opinion, is not someone who obsessively posts everything about their life on Instagram. It’s more someone who wants to tell stories about a particular hobby or something they are passionate about and lets the images do the talking.

What is your favourite view of the Aravis?
Clément Hudry: In top place for me is the atmosphere of the Cheminées de Sallanches, one of the access routes to the Pointe Percée (2752 m). It’s a very aerial and aesthetic itinerary that has been carved into the rock. As you turn around, it is as if the whole range is laid out at your feet. The atmosphere can change from one second to the next and you really feel cut off from the world. However, I also love the arête de Tardevant, it’s more accessible to all and stretches directly towards Mont Blanc.


Admire over 10 of Clément’s shots during a walk on the Beauregard Plateau around the Petit Tour de Beauregard circuit. Let his shots of the snowy peaks and skiers over the Aravis transport you to a winter wonderland, no need for a warm fleece, just an attentive eye to take you on a memorable journey!


Discover the Aravis in some of Clément’s shots!

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