The Ride Mountain Culture

Publication date 21 January 2022,

Ride, or die !

This is the motto of the inhabitants of the village of La Clusaz.

Since the creation of the first cable car in 1933 and the first sensations of skiing on the snowy slopes of the Crêt du Merle.
The Cluses, after having tasted the beginnings of skiing, have always had this desire to express themselves, by skiing on the virgin powder fields of the Aravis.

Thus, for an ephemeral moment, they exposed the work of a trace, on this cold and glittering dust, immaculating the sides of the mountains.
Since then, this activity has become an addiction called TRMC : The Ride Mountain Culture.

There is no need to look for a remedy, there is none and so much the better...

For those who are not yet addicted, here is what Ride Mountain Culture is:
"It is a philosophy, that of freely expressing one's creativity, through the elements that surround us. The richness of this culture is its diversity, linked by our mountains and its history."

70 years ago we were skiing, today we are riding and tomorrow...?

This way of life has inspired many champions. From Edgar Grospiron to Ben Buratti via Seb Michaud, Candide Thovex, Loic Collomb-Patton. They have all inherited this philosophy from their ancestors. 

Forged by the atypical and intoxicating terrain of the Aravis, these extraordinary athletes distinguish themselves by their unique styles and limitless creativity. Today, this passion continues to be passed on from generation to generation. 

In fact, the most creative artists of the moment form the LCZ community. And they will be performing at the LCZ FREESTYLE WEEK from 1 to 5 February 2022.



Because the mountains of La Clusaz are not just for skiing. They are also the "dancefloor" of the village. 

And it is not Radio Meuh that will tell us otherwise, since since 2007, it gives rhythm to the life of those who listen to it. Mr. "Meuh" alias Philippe Thévenet, broadcasts the good sound of our region throughout France, from the "cloud" of our mountains.

But listening to the beautiful melody of the Meuh in La Clusaz is much better, so we invite you to the tenth edition of the RADIO MEUH CIRCUS FESTIVAL from March 31st to April 3rd 2022. 



If the mountain were an Oasis, Germain Favre-Felix would be its mirage. 

Accompanied by his camera, he captures these unreal moments that the mountain and its artists offer as a spectacle. He freely expresses his vision of the Ride Mountain Culture through striking pictures, freezing the time, of an ephemeral moment.

Here are some hallucinations, captured by Germain's artistic eye.




If génépi comes from plants, the roots of its creation are quite long. 

Indeed, for 200 years the Distillerie des Aravis has been creating recipes based on plants harvested in the pastures of our mountains. Much more than a simple drink, it is a tradition that Sarah and Romain Gauthier strive to perpetuate. 

And as a génépi is never drunk alone, Sarah & Romain invite you to discover the secrets of this recipe in their distillery in the heart of the village.

Like all religions, it has its day of celebration.

That of the Ride Mountain Culture takes place once a year, with the DERBY DE BALME. This year, it's the 12th of March 2022, and you'll have to have sharp edges to cut the 1000 meters of difference in altitude to swallow as fast as possible.

This mythical race gathers every year the disciples of freeskiing on the Balme massif, to win the supreme title of King Of Mountain until the next edition.


As you can see, Ride Mountain Culture is not new and will continue to exist until our "chickens have teeth".

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As a teenager, I loved two things: snowboarding and photography. Germain comes from Annecy, and taught himself photography, before starting to work in 2018. Two years later, he won the Jamais Vu ("Never seen before") category in the Red Bull Illume, for the best pictures combining art and ...