Top 10 off-piste activities to make the most of winter!

Publication date 14 January 2021,
For this particular beginning of winter without ski lifts, La Clusaz has concocted a selection of gentle or sporting activities to console you for not being able to ride the slopes of the Aravis on skis!

Strengthen the thighs anyway with the electric bikes

La Clusaz is the mountain bike resort in winter too! A new way to discover the snowy landscapes, at the speed of the pedals. Uphill: we sweat a little (not too much, it's electric mountain bikes anyway...), downhill: we love the ride!


To become unbeatable in Genepi with the tastings of the distillery

Seeing the still of the Aravis Distillery turning, it only happens once in a lifetime. Romain and Sarah welcome you with their smile and their knowledge to make you discover the world of the distillery, with a small tasting to judge for yourself.

To perfect his technique of descent in yooner and paret.

Here one swears only by the paret and the yooner to hurtle down the slopes in seated version! A good way to keep racing with your friends downhill this winter and to learn new techniques to be the fastest.

Think you're a North Pole trapper on a snowshoe hike

Immaculate landscapes, silence in the middle of fir trees and the desire to go on an adventure? No, you are not in a documentary about Mike Horn but in La Clusaz with your snowshoes on, ready for an epic hike!

Preparing for the Winter Olympics (2022!!) of figure skating

It will take a little practice to bring out your most beautiful choreography, alone or accompanied. A good reason to acquire a new sporting skill or enjoy new sliding sensations. To do this, head for the rink that awaits you on very specific slots, the best is to arrive first to have time to set the track on fire!

Impress your friends with paragliding photos

To make your friends understand that there's more than raclette during mountain vacations, you'll have to send something heavy. Your best option: paragliding! Flying over the mountains and showing them incredible photos from the sky, for sure, next year you'll spend as much time outdoors as you do in a restaurant.

Sharpen your musical culture with Radio Meuh

La Clusaz is also an auditory experience thanks to Radio Meuh, the most listened to local web radio in France. On January 28 and February 4, 2021, you will be able to listen to two sets recorded on the slopes of La Clusaz and fill up your playlists with new sounds. To make the pleasure last, it's on

Replenish the stock of adrenaline with the zip line over the lake

Despite all these suggestions you are still lacking speed? Check out the Confins and its lake. Raise your head and you will see the zip line that awaits you for a great moment in sensations!

Going to the museum (in the middle of a pandemic) with the open-air photo exhibitions

Do you also miss wandering the aisles of a museum with the sole purpose of cultivating yourself and enjoying art? With 3 outdoor photo exhibitions, in La Clusaz you can rediscover this pleasure and connect with nature at the same time, with one stone, two strokes!

Make a detour through Scandinavia with ski-joëring

To put the skis back on, there is the ski-joëring! A little air of great north with this activity where you go at the rhythm of the horse. The main thing is to stay standing on your legs to enjoy the landscape, we have warned you.

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