Towards creating the alpine destination of the future

Publication date 7 May 2020,
More than ever, the current situation has given the opportunity to imagine a newer and better future. Here are some of the areas of reflection La Clusaz has been working on over the last months in order to prepare for the future and succeed in its transition.

The challenges of Alpine Tourism: after a year of reflection so far…

A year ago, La Clusaz launched a strategical process to define a new direction to take. Faced with the constant evolution in today’s society and climate change, it was necessary to take a step back in order to make the right decisions. In June 2019, a think tank of local public and private members was created, and they have developed a set of guidelines and suggestions, based on the life blood of La Clusaz and its values:
  • The human aspect: the inhabitants, alpine values of respect and humility, community spirit and the warm welcome extended to visitors,
  • Nature: the mountains and their environment,
  • Traditions and Alpine heritage: Agriculture, architecture, craftsmanship, culture, gastronomy etc
  • Creativity and imagination

…all this takes on a bigger dimension with the Covid-19 crisis

The current situation is unique and has affected our lives but consolidates our ideas in La Clusaz, to emerge successfully from this crisis and do our best to avoid a climate crisis.

In order to do all this, La Clusaz has committed to taking firm action:
  • Carry out a study on climate change, led by the Poprock agency – strategy, prospects, new ways of working
  • Prepare a strategic project and an environmentally sustainable action plan for our clients and ourselves, with the assistance of Florian Pallual,
  • contribute to the analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on habits and future development in association with professionals in the alpine and outdoor tourist industry,
  • A collective reflection on the future, in collaboration with other destinations: Massif des Aravis, Annecy Mountains, Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme…

Our choices and actions are constantly evolving. To this end, we are implementing the necessary health and safety standards and will meet the expectations of all: locally sourced products, sustainable travel, short supply-chains to encourage existing local production, etc.

In short, we will do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment!