Tutorial: Make your own candle

Publication date 6 November 2020,

Jean-Marc Monbec, has lived and worked in La Clusaz since 2004, is a self-taught candle maker, and now since November 2018, a master candlemaker. Previously a confirmed city dweller, he worked in the service sector and candle making was a completely new departure in life for him

On discovering La Clusaz he was immediately seduced by the pace of life in a village, where human contact and relationships replace the anonymity of cities. He seized an opportunity to start an artistic and craftsman’s trade and took over a candle shop. The rest is history. His wife joined him in 2010 and together they have developed their business.

Their creations can be found in shops around the resort so that everyone can take a scented souvenir of La Clusaz home with them.

Eco-responsibility has long been one of Jean Marc’s priorities, he is dedicated to producing quality candles in the highest respect of the environment. For over 10 years he has worked with 100% plant-based wax without palm oil or soya, used cotton wicks and scents produced in France and has provided refills for all candle containers.


Now it's your turn to make your own candle!



Plant based wax and a cotton wick (can be found in an arts and craft store)
A recycling mould (a milk carton cut in half) or individual cake moulds
Short wooden sticks (kebab sticks for example)
Two pans : a large one to do a Bain Marie and a smaller one
A small quantity of vegetable oil.



Melt the wax in the Bain Marie. While the wax melts, lightly oil the chosen mould. Place the foot of the wick at the bottom of the mould and hold it straight by rolling it round the wooden stick.

When the wax has melted, gently pour it into the mould. Regularly check that the wick stays in place at the bottom of the mould, if needed, replace it with a wooden twig.



The slower you pour your wax, the better the candle, this avoids the withdrawal effect that often occurs around the wick. Leave your candle to cool for several hours until it has completely hardened. Remove the wooden stick and cut the wick to 1cm. Take the candle out of the mould.

Greasing your mould facilitates the removal from the mould.

For your candle to burn well, regularly trim the wick before relighting the candle (we recommend 1cm).





Here you go, your candle is ready!


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