In Annecy Mountains

The actors of territorial development together
for a common and shared attractiveness strategy for the territory

The "Annecy Lac & Montagnes 2020" initiative initiated in 2015 is a common desire of local authorities and tourist offices to join forces and work together for the benefit of a territory that makes sense, a relevant territory from lake to mountains.

In two years, the "Annecy Lac & Montagnes 2020" collective has totally committed itself to territorial marketing. Nurtured by a vision, it has ambitions. It has set itself objectives, adopted governance rules, defined an action plan and drawn up an ambitious overall attractiveness strategy, announced in June 2017.

The "Annecy Lac & Montagnes 2020" collective has decided to propose a global brand of attractiveness capable of mobilizing all the energies of the territory; a tourism-oriented brand, whose ambition is also to drive the economic field and enter the hearts of the inhabitants: ANNECY MOUNTAINS. Three decisive dimensions to set the conditions for the success and sustainability of this operation. This brand is launched on the territory in December 2017 and then goes international in 2018.

The "Annecy Lac & Montagnes 2020" collective is therefore making a bold bet to unite and unite its tourist, economic and people forces to share a common story of the territory in order to take it beyond our borders, with strength, coherence and pride. [...]

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