LCZ Park

LCZ Park by Columbia

LCZ Park by Columbia offers 3 distinct difficulty levels that meet the new AFNOR safety standards: intermediate (L), confirmed (XL) or expert (XXL).
Depending on the amount of snow available, there are thus between 2 and 4 lines which are presented in the form of a Slopestyle course (air modules and rails linking) intended for an audience of experienced skiers.

The creation of the different lines and their size changes throughout the season. Snowfall, cold weather & events punctuate the work of shapers and groomers who provide maximum variety in the modules offered. You can find Big Air, rails & boxes whose shapes and sizes change throughout the season.

The completely new rails are modular and allow maximum creativity. The most popular rail shapes are used.
Boxs Jumps Boarder Whoops School zone Big Air Rails
10 2 1 5 2 7 15

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