There are many parking solutions in La Clusaz from daytime parking to long term.

Charged car parks

• Parking du Salon des Dames
430 covered places, at the entrance of the village (max. height: 2m35)
Open every day, 24h/24
Winter: possible seasonal pass / Summer: free of charge
Platform for buses and coaches (50 spaces)
La Clusaz shuttle service

• Parking Centre Village
333 places covered in the heart of the village (max. height: 1m80)
Open every day, 24h/24
Winter: Charge / possible seasonal pass
Summer and interseason: Free

• Parking du Bossonnet
85 covered places, at the top of the village (max. height: 2m30)
Open every day, 24h/24

• Parking Perrière
At the top of the village
Open every day, 24h/24

Outdoor parking

• Blue zones
The village of La Clusaz has several blue zones, subject to European regulations, which allow you to park for a maximum of one hour for free (via a parking disc available for sale at the Tourist Office).

The zones:

  • Hotel Christiania Roundabout
  • Along the church
  • Jean Prémat square
  • Pré de Foire
  • In front of the cinema
  • Supermarket U
  • Passage du Vatican

• Parking meters
The other car parks in the village are charged.
Marking meter rates: 0.50€ for 15 mins

• Free zones
There are several parking zones where the duration is limited (24 hours max) and partially free.

List of free car parks outside the village centre

  • Parking du Nant
  • Parking du Crêt du Merle
  • Parking de la Combe des Juments
  • Parking de l'Etale
  • Parking des Laquais
  • Parking des Chenons
  • Parking des Confins

Parkings La Clusaz

Good tips

• Smart parking*

This winter, if you have a day, seasonal or annual pass you can benefit from a special offer on parking!  The Salon des Dames car park becomes 5€ per day instead of 2€ per hour and you can then access the slopes in a quick and free shuttle bus.  Easy, low cost parking and a quick getaway at the end of your day.

* Book your parking space on, depending on availability at the time of booking.

• 7 consecutive day pass –exclusive web offer *

Book your 6 or 7 day pass online on and take advantage of discounted car parking : 90€.

*dependant on availability of parking spaces at time of booking.

• Car share - Parking de Balme
In collaboration with the «Mov’Ici» app, the resort of La Clusaz has made it easier if you come as a group! Use the app to find a car share and gain free access to the Balme car park for cars with 3 or more people.


• Your evenings in La Clusaz

During your winter evenings in La Clusaz, choose the covered car parks. Your vehicle parks in the underground parks of La Clusaz for 1 € from 9pm to 7am.  Spend your evenings in La Clusaz in peace in the covered car park of the Centre, located in the heart of the resort. Near cinema, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Electric charging stations for electric vehicles

The electric charging stations for electric vehicles has the capacity to charge 2 vehicles simultaneously on reserved spaces.

Cemetery parking charging station

Covered, 330 spaces. Height 1m80. Open 24/24.
There are several blue zone areas around the village centre.
The charging station for electric vehicles allows 2 vehicles to be recharged at the same time on reserved sites.
Several free parkings are available outside the village centre. Long stay parking (>24 hrs) for motor vehicles is forbidden.
Covered, 430 spaces. Entrance of the village. Height 2.30m. Open 24/24. Subject to charges during winter season. Coach and bus parking. Shuttle bus departure.
40 spaces, in the top of the village. Open 24/24.
Parking garage in the top of the village, at the Bossonnet.