Resort wifi

La Clusaz allows you to connect to high-speed wifi zones. It is a 100% free network that allows everyone, after registering their details, to benefit from 1GB of connection for 24 hours.

Village square, Champ Giguet, Family Run by Faction, Crêt du Merle summit, Beauregard Gondola arrival station, Bossonnet, Crêt du Loup summit, Balme Gondola departure station, Balme Gondola arrival station, Salle des Fêtes, Salle Sainte Thérèse, Place de la Perrière, Salon des Dames bus station.

End of the year 2020: Confins and Hameau des Alpes

1. From a wifi compatible device, select the Hotspot_LaClusaz wifi signal.
2. You are automatically redirected to a connection window.
3. Fill in your civility, your email and your country and tick, if you wish, the subscription to the promotional offers. For more details on the use of the data collected, you can refer to the General Conditions of Use available on the connection portal.
4. Click Login. You can now access the internet! If you disconnect, the device will automatically reconnect to all hotspots corresponding to this offer.