As the undisputed epicentre of Freestyle, the resort has established two areas to enjoy practising and training in this discipline for beginners and experienced skiers.

Perfect your tricks on the LCZ Park by FACTION and the LCZ Family Run by FACTION!

LCZ Family Run by FACTION

Located on the Mini Loup sector, it’s the ideal zone to learn the basics of Freestyle. Skiers and snowboarders can have fun as they safely try out the discipline. LCZ Family Run is also a giant picnic area open to all and the track that leads to the obligatory selfie in front of the L.A.C.L.U.S.A.Z letters!

The La Clusaz snowpark has been renamed « LCZ Park by Columbia » in collaboration with an association of local riders. It’s a great location for freestyle enthusiasts! There is a multitude of modules with big air, rails and boxes... it is open all season for endless fun for some of the most fearless and crazy skiers.



La Clusaz has been heavily involved in freestyle skiing for several years and is the birth place of some of its biggest champions. The village is dedicated to the success of its future champions. The Club des Sports has an established infrastructure of quality coaching for young up and coming freestyle skiers. Discover the everyday lives of the kids from the Club des Sports who are already dreaming of the next Olympic Games as well as the 4 who already took part in the previous Games : Anaïs Caradeux, Mirabelle Thovex, Ben Buratti et Anni Karava.



Olympic Champion at the 1992 Winter Olympics, Bronze medal winner at the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988 and Lillehammer in 1994, triple World Champion in 1989, 1991, 1995 and 31 World Cup victories.

“Freeskiing is in the genes of La Clusaz, there has always been skiers willing to go further off the beaten track here.  The variety and quality of the area has continued to challenge skiers and develop their creativity.  The reason La Clusaz has so many champions is also thanks to the local inhabitants and the structures within the resort, such as the Club des Sports.  Champions are very important for the team spirit of a village and its image, it means the general public has a familiar face to identify with the resort and it brings the local inhabitants together whenever there are races.  The mindset in La Clusaz pushes the champions to the top!”




Born in Haute Savoie, Benoît Buratti started skiing moguls from the age of 9 when he started freestyle skiing. At 12 he decided to opt for slopestyle and quickly improved, joining the La Clusaz Club des Sports in 2014. He continued improving through highs and lows culminating in a qualification for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. He has since continued his international career, while also filmmaking and inspiring others with his graceful style and technique. Look out for him in competition this winter, he is currently member of the French Ski Team, a Faction athlete, French Big Air vice-champion 2019 and best French skier in the worldwide classification!