Go on a treasure hunt all round La Clusaz !

A fun activity and free activity, a great way to discover new places with friends or family!

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek water-proof and weather resistant containers called "geocaches" or "caches" at specific locations marked by coordinates. These contain visitor logs and one or several “treasures”.  This fun and free activity is a great way to discover new places with friends or family!
Mini géocache Géocache traditionnelle Traditionnelle

To play :

  • Create a free account on
  • Download the «  Geocaching » on to your smartphone, or an alternative like c:geo (Android) or Cachly (iOS)
  • Search for caches as you follow your trail
  • It is a good idea to charge existing caches in the area you are going to explore on to your phone before you leave as some areas do not have network coverage.  However, your GPS should continue to work as it does not depend on the telephone networks.
  • Do not go alone, always let someone know before you go to an isolated area.

The geocacher’s equipment

  • Before leaving, prepare some small objects or gadgets to exchange with those found in the treasure box.
  • Don’t forget to take a pencil or pen to fill in the log of your cache.
  • It may be useful to bring along a penknife, you should always be well prepared!
  • Wear strong walking shoes, take water, a snack and a torch if there is a possibility of you returning home late.
  • Take a paper map and a compass in case you find yourself in an isolated area without telephone coverage.
  • An extra external battery for your phone is always useful.

Geocaching is an activity where you make new friends, respect nature and respect other geocachers:  when you find a cache, please return it to the exact place you found it and hide it in the same way.  Be careful around the hiding spot so that the cache remains hidden from those unaware of the activity. If you remove a treasure from a cache it is advised to replace it with another for the next geocachers.

To start

Your first cache pastedGraphic.png GC1JWJ3 La Clusaz is in the church square ! Shrewdness and discretion is all you need to find your first trophy!

Keep on going to the next cache pastedGraphic.png GC6EHWA Le Ruisseau du Var near the roundabout at the entrance to the village, this one is more difficult, don’t forget to read the clues.

The Envers de Beauregard and Hameau des Alpes geocaching trail

La Clusaz has set up a trail with geocaches on the Envers de Beauregard slope, these are traditional caches, there is no need to visit them all, nor is there a set order.  You can access them in many different ways as they are located at the crossroads of other paths!  The Hameau des Alpes cache is also on the Sentier du Hameau des Alpes, which leaves from the ice rink in La Clusaz.

List of caches :